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The digital automation of your sales and purchasing processes 

What's the business case?

An Olympic Software whitepaper

Digital transformation has exciting potential to improve a company's business processes, for example procure-to-pay or sales fulfilment processes, and you've probably heard people saying that if you want your business to survive and grow, digital transformation is crucial. 

In this white paper, we focus on the benefits of automating processes and building a business case for the digital automation of sales and purchasing processes.

So what is this whitepaper about?

  • Automating the future - no matter the size of your organisation, from enterprise-grade down to small business, digital transformation is imperative and inevitable. 
  • Digital document exchange for purchasing and sales processes - what exactly is it? - Think about all the documents that are sent and received in the finance team for a business - all the documents either upstream or downstream in the value chain.
  • Harnessing digital transformation - as digital transformation increases, so too do the software solutions to harness it. 
  • Features of an effective digital document exchange / EDI  - as with any investment, it's important for a business to do it's due diligence in order to find the tool that's best fit for their requirements. 
  • Building the business case - achieving the executive buy-in for the digital technology is your next hurdle. We analyse business pain points and potential gains that underscore the need for automation. 


A look inside this whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we focus on the benefits of automating financial processes and building a business case for a digital exchange solution. Here's a quick preview of this guide

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The future of process automation

Everything you need to know about digital document exchange and how it can benefit your business.

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Digital exchange essentials

Business owners and CIOs need to realise that, for all intents and purposes, automating transactions is really no longer optional.

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Pinpoint the pain to maximise the gain

Your next hurdle is achieving the executive buy-in. We help you to build a robust business case for a digital exchange solution.


Are you ready to digitally transform your sales and purchasing processes?

With digital transformation there are other factors to consider, such as a combination of no-regrets improvements as well as additional, speculative updates that evolve over time. It's important to consider whether operations and technology are sufficiently integrated, and whether your business has the talent strategy and organisational structure that's open to innovation.

That's where the concept of digital exchange comes in. It's the digitisation of all the financial documents you send or receive in your business.  It helps you to have a better view of your customer and supplier relationships, with greater transparency around transactions. It's an automated process, aimed at digitising the sales or procurement processes from end-to-end. Download this whitepaper to get digital and transform your transactional processes.


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