An Introduction to DX2 Capture and DX2 Approvals

In the short demo video for DX2 Capture & Approvals we’ll show you:

DX2 Capture
• How to open an invoice that has been emailed to DX2, view it in digital form to check it has been captured accurately, add a document tag, and submit it for approval.

DX2 Approvals
• How to code the invoice, splitting the total across two distribution lines
• How to enter an analysis tag that can be used in reporting
• View related documents, history and conversations.
• Final approval of the invoice by a Finance Manager.
• View or download all distributions for analysis, or month end accruals
• View the two standard Power BI reports that are available “Invoice Approvals Pending Action” and “Invoice Approval Metrics”.

DX2 Capture Approvals video SEPT19