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Welcome PGG Wrightson customers

We're ready to get your accounts payable process sorted with DX2 

  • Can receive all of your payables invoices via digital data or standard PDF
  • Allows you to code invoices and get them approved digitally
  • Will send the approved invoice to your usual ERP or accounting solution 
  • Links to any ERP or accounting solution
  • Can be used for all payables invoices not just PGG invoices
  • Can be used for streamlining your payables approvals process 

If you're interested in talking to us further about how DX2 can help your business, please get in touch via the form provided. We can send you the link to this handy calculator at the same time so you can find out how much you can save. 

DX2 Accounts Payable Calculator

Find out how much your business can save by digitising your accounts payable process. 

With the ever-increasing costs of compliance, frugal banks and growing focus on the environment - it's essential to investigate investment efficiencies. 

It's the perfect time to implement stronger financial discipline, achieve process improvement and leverage savings where possible - in both time taken and greater accuracy in processing and approving invoices. Which is why we've created this invoice automation cost savings calculator. 

This calculator can:

  • Determine the costs of manually processing hundreds of invoices every month
  • Estimate the savings you could achieve by digitally transforming your incoming invoice approvals and payment process
  • Forecast monthly savings after implementing an automated invoicing system. 


How much could you save by digitising your accounts payable (AP) process?

Do you face these issues with your current accounts payable system?


Time-consuming invoice approvals

Hundreds of invoices are processed manually across several geographically distributed farms making authorisation very difficult and lengthy.


Paper invoice data entry and filing errors

Extensive time spent manually processing monthly invoices/statements as well as inconsistent filing and archiving.


Lack of control and/or overview of spend

With multi-level approval requirements, it's a challenge to maintain visibility across all teams and locations.


Varying ownership models

Approval processes and workflows with complex governance and control levels make authorisation challenging and reduce transparency.